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About the program:

The Alkebulan Youth Summer Arts Camp is a multi-disciplined immersive arts experience for youth ages 10-14. Over the course of 4 weeks students will study the basics of Digital Sound Design & Media, Theatre, Contemporary Dance, and Voice, while using part of their training day to engage in Advanced Studies in the discipline of their choice. By the end of our 4 week training, the Dancer will know how to edit his/her own music or The Actor/Performance Artist will know how to design their own flier or logo! 

 The ACC Summer Youth Arts Camp is scheduled to occur from June 25-July 20, in our historic home, the renovated historic African American Firehouse of Northwest Pasadena. This program will be available to youths who are interested in cultivating their artistry and creating ties with local, working artists who will be able to provide lasting personal and professional mentorship. 

 All Youth Arts Camp students will be selected through a fun and engaging audition for an intergenerational panel of professionally working artists. The ACC SYAC will culminate in a highly publicized exhibit and performance Sat. July 21.

ACC is working to raise 10 Scholarships ($6500- $650/student) and/or $15,000 to go towards artist fees, equipment (midi-keyboards, audio interfaces, microphones), field trips and miscellaneous costs by April 1, before our camp announcement. 

Support our efforts by clicking here and watch the seed of your gift GROW with ACC!


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Student Name / Nombre del estudiante
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In preparation for this day, your student should prepare to share a performance or piece of art in the discipline/s of their choice. Presentations should be no longer than 5 MINS. Your student is also welcomed to opt for an Interview-only. Please note: Scholarships are awarded on both a merit and need basis. Please choose an appointment time from the options below.